Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers – I Am Second.

I know that I am the girl who is notorious for “loving” professional athletes… Especially those of the football profession. It’s one of my fun little quirks that makes me, well, “The Girl!”

While there are some that I adore because of their looks, skill or swagger… (Mark Sanchez, Reggi Bush, Blake Griffin, Calvin Johnson or Charles Woodson) There are a few that I believe use their platform to change the world… They embrace the gifts they have been given and use them for the good of humanity… Dhani Jones, Tim Tebow, John Smoltz, Kirk Cousins, Brian Griese and Tiger Woods just to name a few… One that has more recently caught my attention is Josh Hamilton. It takes a lot for a person to humble themselves before the Lord, and sometimes even more, to humble himself before Man.

Check out the link below to learn more about an amazing recovery story from an incredible man.

Josh Hamilton: I am Second.

Cheers, Dez

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