On Death & Dying

I watched as the frail hands of a woman stroked her dying husband’s face. I watched as she sobbed in a chair next to his hospital bed. I felt helpless to comfort her in her grief and despair. I have had people in my life have lengthy painful deaths and I have also had people in my life meet the other side in the blink of an eye. As the nurses came in and out monitoring, watching, trying to make sure a dying man was comfortable, I pondered which was less painful for those of us left behind- And the conclusion I came to offered no peace. For me, the answer is neither. For me, it doesn’t matter if we have time to say our goodbyes and process it or not- When the time comes for loved ones to leave this world, there if a finality around it that I still have trouble wrapping my mind around.

Seeing this man make his transition between here and Eternity put the brevity of life on Earth into the spotlight once again. While I wish I could come out of this saying I have had my “ah-ha” moment around it, I don’t know if I can. See, for me it raised more questions about my life. Questions that I don’t know I will ever have the answers to on this side of Heaven.

Now I grew up Catholic but in college shed the boring “tradition” and non-biblical rules and teachings and became a Christian. I believe this life isn’t the end of the road but merely a roadmap leading to eternal life with Christ. I believe there is a divine plan for all of us… I guess part of this life is just navigating it and finding out what that plan really is.

Questioning now… More than ever!

Cheers, Dez

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