The Flip Side of Yesterday’s Post

photoOh man… Oh man… Oh man… Do you ever have those moments in life when you can just feel God going after your heart? I don’t mean in a sweet little candy-kiss “I got your back, Kid” sort of way. I am talking about a relentless, ruthless, go-for-broke “I’m gunna take your heart back for my sovereign good whether you like it or not” sort of way.

Right now, in this season of my life, that is how God is working on me. It’s hard and tough and I have shed a million tears over the changes. I have yelled at God and told Him how wrong he is and that He obviously has no clue anything about me. (Let’s just take a moment to laugh at the irony of that statement!) I have blatantly disobeyed His word and turned my back on Him because I am confident my way is so much better. (Again, let’s take a look at that hilarity! LOL) When my way doesn’t work and I end up falling on my face broken and beaten up, crushed with defeat and in need of forgiveness, grace and mercy, He is there. Always there. Arms outstretched, full of love, waiting to shower me with Forgiveness that I can’t fathom and Grace that I don’t deserve.

God has been pushing me to let go of the past so he can propel me into the future that is waiting. I’ve never been a big fan of change. “Goodbye,” “See ya around” and “Have a nice life” has always felt so sad to me. The letting go makes me sad. Through it I have slowly began to realize I don’t need to be so sad… Instead, I can smile. I can smile for the memories and the growth and the journey. I can smile and then take any sadness and turn it into love and light and give it to the Universe.

“Send some love and light every time you think about it, then drop it… If you clear out all that space in your mind that you’re using right now to think about it, you’ll have a vacuum there, an open spot – a doorway. And guess what the universe will do with the doorway? It will rush in – God will rush in – and fill you with more love than you ever dreamed.” (paraphrased from “Eat. Pray. Love.”)

Yesterday I posted about “letting go” (Click Here for the Post.) Today, this showed up in my inbox… It’s the flip side of the hurt of letting go. Click Here for the Flip Side.

Cheers, Dez

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