A Devotional for your Days

I was raised Catholic and spent most of my early life in and around the church. About 12 years ago I made the best choice I could have ever have made in my adult life. I shed the traditions of the Catholic faith and embraced Christianity in its purest form. Growing up Catholic one would have thought that my understanding for all things biblical would have been profound. Beyond knowing how to look up a passage, it was far from it. The bible was overwhelming to me for a long time. I relied on the topic index for most things. I called in bible studies and devotionals to guide me to a deeper understanding of this amazing life we are given and God’s direction in it all.

Over the years I have read a lot of devotionals. Some have guided me through a year and some through a season of life. For me I enjoy these because it is a snippet of the word delivered in a way that I can understand and that is relevant to my walk.

I have recently finished a devotional that has changed the way I view both Marriage and my relationship with Christ. It is my deepest desire that every married woman reads this devotional. It is that powerful. I promise.

Jennifer Smith’s Wife After God 30-day devotional has changed the way I see my marriage and my relationship with God. Her devotional opened my eyes to the deep correlation between my relationship with God and my relationship with Hubbz. I always knew the two influenced each other, I never understood the depths of that influence until now. Jennifer writes in such a way that regardless of the state of your marriage, in perfection or in shambles, you can apply her teachings and create a marriage after God’s own heart!im-a-wife-after-god-butn

You can purchase it HERE! I bought the Kindle addition and it was great because I could read it on my ipad, laptop or iPhone. The daily reads are fast and you can pour into them or just read through them. The depths that you want to dive to are really up to you.

I urge you to read this devotional as if the future of your marriage depended on it.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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