Priorities + Marriage

Through my short 30 years on this planet I have compiled a list of things people have said to me that has made a profound impact on my soul. Yes, I really literally have a list… It’s pretty Earth-shattering and extraordinary. It’s filled with everything from sound advice that I have built my life on to swoon-worthy text messages that have made me smile. I keep these words around as reminders of wisdom and good in my life. One day when I am old and wrinkly, sitting in my rocking chair with a big cup of tea, I will be able to read and remember the souls that have touched my life. Spirits that my path has intertwined with to create my story…

Today I open my intimate book and share some of that wisdom…

An incredible woman that I knew once looked me dead in the eye and said “Little Darlin’ you got it backwards. You have the rest of your life to get divorced. You only get one shot at this marriage.” Her words snapped my life back to reality and then put a calm over my soul. In my reckless pursuit of happiness, she was right- and I knew it.

Too often we let our priorities in life get shifted. Too many things become more important than our relationship with the person we promised to do life with. Our jobs, our finances, our desire to have our needs met, our workouts, our dreams, our families, our friends, our children. These are all things that while important, can quickly shift the priority of marriage out of the #1 spot. Much like earthquakes, the slightest shift in priorities can cause utter destruction in a marriage. Multiply that priority shift by any amount and you can bring a relationship to the point of breaking.

So here’s to marriages. The flourishing ones. The broken ones. The thriving ones. The bent ones. The restored ones.

Look at your priorities. Be real about them. Then look at the state of your marriage.

Any correlation?

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