Modern-Day Sex Slavery

A friend approached me recently and asked me to get the word out about some events happening in the area. I told him to send me the information and I would get the word out where I could… What happened next is nothing that I could have been prepared for.

His email popped through and a couple mouse clicks later I was face to face with “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls”. It is a movie to raise awareness about modern-day sex slavery.

Modern-day, as in now.

Modern-day, as in 2014.

This is a topic that is devastating and heart-breaking and uncomfortable. The things I saw and heard disturbed me, and then they angered me, and then they just made my soul-ache.

I’m sharing all of this because “when we have an observation, we have an obligation.” (Thanks, MK Asante) I don’t know how to go about this obligation but I figured I would begin here, with a blog post. A post to bring the human sex trafficking industry to light within my circles. This industry is out there and it’s real and it’s felt by hundreds of thousands everyday.

Hundreds of Thousands.




More about the Documentary    More about the Organization


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