We All Have Secrets

I have a pile of books on an end table in my living room. They are some of the most profound and deeply moving books I have ever read. They cover every life topic you can imagine from the funny and light-hearted to the shameful and deeply hurting. They are books about our secrets.

photo 1

I have a theory that between the covers of those books, we can each find our secrets.

My favorite thing to do is watch people (inconspicuously – but not in a weird creepy way) as they sit and meander through them. Thier facial expressions run the gamut as they read through secret snippets of humanity.

Frank Warren, the guy who dreamed up the Post Secret idea talks about it here.

I think we delve into books like this because deep down we all want to know that there’s nothing wrong with us… Even the ugly parts that we can’t dream of sharing with the world. We all just want to know that somehow, someway, on some level, we are connected. Even those of us to love being unique and different want to know that there’s an underlying connectedness with other people.

My belief is that we crave the thought that we aren’t alone in this world.

In our triumphs. In our failures.

In our wholeness. In our brokenness.

In our most exhilarating moment. In our deepest darkest fears.

We are not alone.

We may never ever meet the person whose secrets match ours, but knowing they are out there just might make all the difference.

CheersDez cursiveslope



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