Hot Bods, Hot Faces & a Sprinkle of Gratitude

I hate being in the kitchen. That simple truth is pretty significant considering my newest adventure with Hubbz… Getting hot bodies to match our hot faces. It’s not that either one of us are even remotely fat, we’re just, well, average. We go to the gym, we do yoga, we run… And we both, admittedly, love to eat crappy sometimes. We both realize that life is too short to be average so we are kicking it up a notch… Bringin’ sexy back! Aweee Yeah, BUDDY!!!

All this kicking it up a notch has landed yours truly in the kitchen… A lot.

Food prep sucks but I had an epiphany today that makes it suck just a little less. I was mowing down on a pretty ridiculously yummy salad and a thought about gratitude be-bopped it’s way into my brain. I realized that I was eating my food and actually getting kinda peeved that tonight I was going to have to head home and prep it all over again for tomorrow… WHYYYYY couldn’t we just hire a chef? Life would be so much easier with someone to prep your meals. I then proceeded to visualize Hubbz’s reaction when I informed him we needed a chef… I quickly discarded that thought and got back to gratitude.

I put down my fork, took a breath and just sat for a moment. I pondered gratitude. Gratitude for the time I was blessed with to prepare food for my husband and myself. Gratitude for the hands that grew the food in the first place. Gratitude to my ultimate Creator, and His creation that I so freely get to enjoy. The moment was uplifting. How many times could we pause in our day to give gratitude for our moments that so many times are fleeting?


What a deliciously beautiful thing.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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