Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Ride

Do you know the moment when you are flying, the plane is speeding down the runway and you can feel your body becoming one with the seat? You’re picking up speed, while you try to act calm, cool and collected.

Act like you have done this before, Dollface!

But in the pit of your stomach, you feel that you are going to go careening to your death, head first, with a bunch of people you don’t even know.

I’m totally going to throw up in my mouth… Is there a barfbag somewhere?photo

The wheels go up and in that moment, you throw a Hail Mary prayer up to the Creator of the Universe that you make it out of this alive because you love Him but you just aren’t “totally” ready to meet Him yet.

Do you know that feeling? PSHHHHHT, I know right. Neither do I. #toocoolforthat

J/K. I have a love hate relationship with flying. It’s gotten more intense as I rack up the miles and the years pass by. It’s not that I don’t like it… I just, well, I don’t like the feeling of the realization that at any given moment I could die.

The irony in that last sentence is palpable.

I do realize that at any moment, any of us are just one heartbeat away from death. Hellllooooo, Mrs. Morbid. Welcome to the party. (That’s really not the intent here. Swear. Just go with me on this.)

See, the thing about flying is that it reminds me just how much I’m really not in control of life. I do things everyday to create this pseudo-I’m-in-control feeling. The moment I go wheels-up reminds me that I’m not ever totally in control of anything.

In some weird way, through the fear, there is freedom in this realization. If I’m not in control of outcomes, then really, what holds me back? The bizarre answer is the fear of the outcome. If it sounds like I am talking in circles, I am. It’s because fear is an irrational dirtbag that clouds our lives and steals our joy.

The way I see it, when I give up the pseudo-I’m-in-control thingy and throw a little caution to the wind, amazing things happen. Relationships are built, goals are attained and lives are touched. We’re not totally in control of anything and we are all going to peace-out of this life someday, so we might as well sit back, relax a little more often and enjoy the ride.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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