This Guy Named David

So there’s this guy that I am totally into at the moment. His life was amazing and I cannot stop reading about him. I can’t lie, I have totally Googled him (and don’t even act like you haven’t done that before.) His name is David, and he is amazing. At the moment, I am entrenched in a study about his life. You know David already- He’s the guy who killed Goliath. My study of his life is fascinating to say the least. An excerpt from it says “while others were prone to wander, David was prone to worship.” I can’t help but think what if more hearts were like David’s? What if more of us that had hearts whose natural instinct was to worship?

I know yours truly has a heart prone to wander. What can I say, I get distracted… But then again, don’t we all at some point or another? The lures of the world captivate our minds and at times and we wander…choices

The hustle and bustle of the big city beckons.

A new job seems adventurous and exciting.

A new mate with less problems than your current one seems sexy and enticing.

A firmer body, poutier lips, maybe buns that resemble a shelf.

The stiletto’s… Oh those damn shoes that will surely break the budget for the month.

We all get sidetracked sometimes… It’s part of what I like to call being human.

It’s in these moments it is essential to cling to the promises God has given us through his word. His promises are the only defense to a wandering heart. It’s the only way to get our heart prone to worship.

In a world that loves to wander, I challenge myself and all of you to love to worship the God that created it all.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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