5 Tips for a Happy Life

Life is crazy, insane and completely weird. It’s also incredible, euphoric and amazing. I have spent 36 years on this planet and through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, I have miraculously learned a thing or two. What follows are my 5 tips to living a happy life.

  1. Love your body. When I say “love your body” I literally mean love your body. Treat your body like you would treat something you love. Love your body by treating it with kindness and joy. Take care of it. You wouldn’t put gasoline on a plant or water in a gas tank, why would you put toxic fuel in the form of excess calories and fat into your body? Exercise 30-45 min a day, drink a gallon of water on the regular, keep your weight and your blood levels within a healthy range. So many times I see humans “love their body” which is covert for accepting bad habits and calling it love. You guys, I can say this so blunt because I lived it for soooo many years! I am an emotional eater. I am like master-level at eating my feelings. I know what it’s like to feel terrible, eat a pint of Talenti and then feel even worse. Sweet friends, it’s not worth it. EVER. When life happens, our bodies aren’t the enemy to be punished. Our bodies are the vessel to be loved, cherished and respected. When we start loving our bodies, our brain starts to believe that we will protect it and we can be trusted. Imagine hanging out with someone who always put you in harms way- I venture to bet you wouldn’t hang out with that person after a while. Our bodies and brains are the same. Start living a happier life by loving your body and caring for it like it is your most treasured thing.
  2. Tell the Truth. So often in this world we are deceived. I have lived long enough to realize that things aren’t always as they seem. Not on Instagram and Facebook and sometimes not even in real life! There are so many lies we believe and buy into. Lies like, “you aren’t good enough“, “you aren’t smart enough“, “the grass is greener on the other side“, “so and so has a better life than me“. I know for me personally, on even my best days I will believe a lie at some point- for this, I need truth. I need to seek the truth and then I need to speak that truth over my life. Truth for me comes in the form of my Bible. On those pages are the blueprints that I strive so hard to live by. Don’t get me wrong, most days I suck, but I strive to be a truth teller because for a long, long time I lived with those words not being the backbone of my life and 99% of the time I got myself in trouble. Live a happier life by telling the truth over your life.
  3. Give Grace. Grace? Who’s Grace? Grace is that thing that someone doesn’t freakin’ deserve… but we offer it anyway. We offer it because we were given it when we didn’t deserve it. In keeping with the truth telling theme, I love me some grace. My ego? Not so much. Mostly because my ego is a jerk face who likes to be right about basically everything. I decided if I had to be friends with my ego… I wouldn’t. My ego doesn’t give a lot of grace. I am willing to bet if you have been human for any amount of time there are people who have showed you grace. People who have been nice to you when you were less than stellar. People who have forgave the unforgivable in you. People who have showed kindness when maybe you didn’t deserve it. All of these things are examples of grace. Something happens when we freely offer grace to others… we stop being right about things and start living happier lives. Grace just feels good, Y’all!
  4. Be Grateful. Being grateful is one of the most profound keys to a happy life. You guys, what we focus on we find. When you walk around focusing on the negative, on what you didn’t get, on what isn’t good enough, all you are going to get is evidence to prove that. When we walk around with a grateful heart, we are going to find more things to be grateful for. Gratefulness breeds more gratefulness. In our deepest hurts, there is an opportunity to practice gratitude. On our terrible days and bad moments, there is an opportunity to practice being grateful. It might feel weird at first… even kind of like fake it till you make it- but I promise, eventually it will click and gratefulness will flow even when you don’t necessarily feel it. I heard once that gratefulness lightens the load and makes your soul sing… ok, so I totally made that up just now but regardless… I am taking it as truth!!! If you want a happier life, throw gratitude around like confetti!
  5. Say I Love You without Reservation. What I really mean by this is love with reckless abandon and with zero ‘effs given. Seriously? Yes, seriously! But what if I get hurt? So what. You get hurt. At least you will hurt knowing it’s because you put yourself out there and loved. There is something about loving without reservation that allows us as humans to leave it all on the court. We can go all out and throw caution to the wind. Loving in such a way that cracks our hearts wide-open leaves the door open for hurt, betrayal and a broken heart- I know. I have lived it. But you know what? Shutting yourself into a prison of unsaid feelings leaves you with inconsolable regret. You guys, I get it, there are people who will hold your body but never your hand or your heart. I could say don’t fall in love with those people, but it turns out you end up falling in love with those people. When this happens, feel the heartbreak, learn the lesson, and know that you will never be the same because you left it all on the court when you chose to love. When you look back on the story of your life, which would you rather have? Moments of love purely given to others or inconsolable regret because you lived in fear of getting hurt? A life of true happiness happens when we open our hearts and love fiercly.

Life is crazy, insane and completely weird. It’s also incredible, euphoric and amazing. Living a happy life doesn’t have to be rocket science. Love your body. Tell the truth. Give grace. Be grateful. Love. Start today and focus on one of these things everyday for a week. I am venturing to say that by the time this week comes to a close you just may have a better, happier human experience because of it!

Meet you back here next week, same time, same place,

cheersdez cursiveslope


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