Muhammad Ali & Being a Champion

The picture below hangs on my bathroom mirror. The quote is by one of the greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali. It says “to be a great Champion you must believe you are the best.” … But what happens when you wake up just not feelin’ it? How do you turn it around?

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Cheers, Dez

The Supah-Fly Art of Acknowledgement

To acknowledge by definition is “to accept or admit the existence or truth of something.” The art of telling someone the way you feel about them, the impact they have brought to your life, the way they have added to who you are, the way they changed you. I’ve learned that through accepting and admitting these truths we are able to deeply connect with each other in an authentic and powerful way.

It is not our responsibility to make excuses for how people do or don’t show up in our lives… Or how we do or don’t show up in theirs. The only thing that we can do is acknowledge them, acknowledge the situation, open our hearts and let it be free.

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Cheers, Dez

The Man & His Imperfect Perfection

I read once “No one tells you that the shields you carry to keep you safe, they become the the steel cages that keep you alone.” How true this is… And we do it all the time. When we put down the shields… We are able to live in a big way and play a big game.

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Cheers, Dez

The Vine & The Branches

In John 15:2 it says “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” God, the great gardner, does this for us for no other reason other than true unconditional love, undeserving grace and a mercy that surpasses all understanding.

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Cheers, Dez

Living your Dream, Using your Talents…

A lot of times we go through life, creatures of habit never really rocking the boat or changing things up. We never question the status quo or if we even agree with it. A lot of times we go through life accepting how it is because that’s how it’s always been. This post is about discovering your talents and using them to live the Dream.

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Cheers, Dez


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