Romance Begins in the Kitchen

People say romance begins in the kitchen. A couple nights ago Hubbz and I were cooking together… “Come here often?” Heyyyyyy Bae. LOL (yes, I literally lol’d when I typed that) I was chopping and dicing (isn’t that the same thing?) and he was rockin’ the stove. I cut into the sexiest red pepper and EWWWW! Moldy, rotten, […]

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I Grounded Myself

For a long time, I thought I was crazy. No, seriously, go with me on this one. I for real thought that one (maybe two) days out of the month, my brain and rational had packed up shop and left me crazy. Maybe not off-her-rocker-ranting-and-raving-lunatic crazy, but seriously a little cray-cray. A little “cry over […]

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Monday Musings 4.28.14

Today’s musing is near and dear to my heart. Some of my favorite people on the face of the planet are moving away tomorrow and my heart is broken. Yes, we will Skype and FaceTime and I already have my plane tickets for my first trip to visit, but it’s not the same. No post-work […]

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Monday Musings 2.10.14

My humble thoughts for a beautiful Monday… And the beginning of Valentine’s Week. Turn off the Apple TV. Silence your iPhone. Power down the Macbook Pro. Disconnect from technology that keeps us disconnected from people. Real, living, breathing people. Tune into your loved ones. Awaken your Spirit. Power on Love. Feed relationships that are real […]

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