Monday Musings 3.4.13

We love who we love in life and there isn’t anything that can stop it. People die and love remains. 1,200 miles and love remains. Harsh judgements and love remains. Unforgivable deceit and love remains. Cheers, Dez        

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Monday Musings 2.25.13

Happy Monday! This is one of my favorite quotes and I wanted to share it with you today. Every time I hear it, it gets me thinking. So many times in life we judge people and their actions and on the flip side we are judged for ours. If we can just take a step […]

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Monday Musings 12.17.12

I along with the rest of the Nation am still struggling to wrap my head around the unthinkable tragedy that occurred last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. It just doesn’t seem right to talk about anything else beyond this right now. This past weekend, I have hugged my nieces and nephew a […]

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