Monday Musings 7.2.13

Sitting. Trusting. Waiting. Hoping. Trying not to turn around and look at the hallway of closed doors. Some I traveled through, some I firmly closed, some were closed for me. Sometimes I glance back and let the doubt creep in. Did I make the right choice? Did I do the right thing? Sometimes I wonder […]

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Renewing Your Mind

Another well done message by one of my favorites! Renewing your mind and heart. Avoiding death by inches. Loving everyone. Enjoy Renewing Your Mind! Cheers, Dez

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Inspiration from Chatting at the Sky

One of the blogs that warms my heart and speaks to my very soul is Chatting at the Sky. Today she offered a little peace for her readers to take into the weekend… Click Here to enjoy. Cheers, Dez

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