About The Girl

Jesus Girl. Wifey. Mommy.

Writer. Truth Teller. Lover of Humanity.

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Hubbz, My Champion: I’m married to a supah-fly Italian dude who shaves his head and rocks the sexiest beard on the planet. We met at a gym when I was 19 and he was 27… He is the macaroni to my cheesiness, the ginger ale to my Jameson and the belayer to my metaphorical rock climber ways. He isn’t a fan of tattoos and I am addicted. He prefers to do life at a leisurely pace and I prefer to do it in an all out sprint.  He likes to just be and I like to just do. Most of the time we meet in the middle and that’s where the magic happens.


Our Son: After a long journey with infertility (you can read our story through my blog) Hubbz and I created the most amazing little human ever. On a beautiful October day a miracle was placed into our arms and we named him Massimo. He is proof that the heart really can beat outside of the body. He is also proof that we serve an incredible God who offers abundantly more than we can ask or imagine. For this child I have prayed and the Lord has given me that which I have asked of him. 1 Samuel 1: 27

Our Fur-Baby: We have have a 5 lb. Maltese, Bella Ricotta. Yes, her name means beautiful cheese… we are Italian and we think it’s awesome. Despite her name and incontinence issues, she also has a slight identity crises… she is sure of the fact that she is an 85 lb German Shepherd. This tiny fur-ball of energy has taught me more in the past 14 years about responsibility, unconditional love and pure acceptance than I could have learned in a lifetime of lessons.

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For the Love of Sport: I’m a die-hard sports fanatic. Basketball, baseball, golf, lacrosse, hockey… but I think football is the sport above them all. The Dallas Cowboys stole my heart when I was 8 and Troy Aikman ruled the world. The Spartans of Michigan State are my heart and soul. I grew up playing basketball, softball, volleyball and golf and I caddied many a round at our local Country Club. To this day, there isn’t a whole lot that beats a sunny spring day in The Mitten spent on a golf course. I am obsessed with Orange Theory and addicted to yoga. That being said, I enjoy eating anything wrapped in bacon.

About my Heart: I can be a total rough around the edges tomboy and an all out Diva… Once in a while, the two happen at the Exact. Same. Time. I can be uber-sensitive, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I believe people are inherently good. I fell in love with the amazing city of Rome when I lived there and New York City signed a lease on my soul. My heart melts for animals and I try really hard to be a Jesus Girl… In the same breath I lust after aviator sunglasses, glamorous stilettos, delicious sushi, Patrick Dempsey and Tim Tebow. I’m captivated by the thought that maybe one day I can do something that will change world… Or at least my humble little place in it.

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1 Comments on “About The Girl”

  1. I’m obsessed with your “about my heart” section! I didn’t realize how similar we are until reading that. I just haven’t done as many cool things…yet. You are incredible!

    ❤ Lauren

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