This podcast began because helping humans live their best life and become the best version of themselves is what Desireé’s life is all about. The #CovidPivot illuminated her desire to use her trips around the sun to throw encouragement around like confetti!

(Also, talking in the 3rd person feels suuuper weird, so I am going to stop now.)

Sweet listeners, starting a podcast was never the goal when I created the Life Out Loud blog in 2012. Over time, the idea of a podcast just kept showing up in areas of my life that weren’t connected with each other. God was prompting me to do something – I was kind of terrified and wildly intrigued. I leaned into Him and my friends, here we are!

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Sushi + Self-Control Life Out Loud

Welcome to the Season 3 FINALE! Do you lose your mind over some delicious sushi? Asking for a friend… maybe.In Episode 8 of Season 3, Desireé illuminates the importance of self-control. How well we exercise this fruit determines SO much in our lives. God wants us to live incredible lives – but also within His boundaries for our lives. Growing this fruit in our lives sets us up for big wins! Topics include:Self-control defined (2:37)This is for my fellow-food lovers (3:38)Self-control and the mindset of an elite athlete (6:25)Join Desireé as she uses her trips around the sun to throw encouragement around like confetti!Support the showFollow on Instagram, Facebook & TwitterSupport and Keep this Podcast Fueled: Buy Her a CoffeeVisit the WebsiteContact Her for Coaching to live your best life… EVER!
  1. Sushi + Self-Control
  2. Leading with Gentleness
  3. When Faithfulness Feels Like a Party Game
  4. Be Kind and Filled with Good
  5. This is For the Impatient Ones
  6. For a World Craving Joy & Peace
  7. Let’s Begin with Love
  8. How to Grow a Fruitful Life – A Season of Bearing Fruit
  9. The “O” Word : S2 E8 : Season FINALE
  10. The Day I Learned About Resilience : S2 E7