Silent Saturday

Silent Saturday. The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. When I think about this day and what it means, I think back on Jesus’ faithful followers. I try and put myself in their shoes. I think of their despair and what they must have been feeling. For them, all hope seemed lost- for just the day before, hope– their hope made flesh– was horrifically and brutally crucified on a cross.

To Jesus’ faithful, it was over.

Maybe you are facing some Silent Saturday’s in your life right now. Hope seems lost. The path is no longer clear. Things we had figured out are now a little muddy and a lot uncertain. In the face of that, maybe even in spite of it, do not lose the faith. What ever you do, do not let your faith be shaken.

In the most silent of Saturdays, God is doing his greatest work. God is in control. Though he came to Earth, He never left the throne. Despite the state of our day-to-day lives, what we can see with our natural eyes, God is still in control and he is still on the throne. Sometimes when God seems to be silent, He is really doing his greatest and most profound work.

Sweet friends, I need to remind you of something that we know, that Jesus’ faithful who watched Him die on the cross didn’t know…

Tomorrow, JESUS RISES!

He defeats sin.

He defeats Satan.

He defeats death.

Tomorrow, Jesus drops the mic. He dropped it back then, and he is still working in our lives, dropping mics today. We might not be able to see it in our day-to-day moments, but we must trust that Resurrection Sunday in our lives is coming.

In stillness, the Earth awaits the Resurrection.

Sunday is coming.

Keep the faith.

Stand in hope.

Sunday is coming.

The Good in Good Friday

On this Good Friday, my heart is heavy. It is so hard to see any good in this day. I close my eyes and I see our sweet Jesus. He was humiliated, ridiculed and mocked. He stood innocent, yet took our punishment to save us from certain death. Our sweet Jesus beaten and hung on a cross to die. It was torturous and gruesome and horrific.

And yet, it was good.

The paradox this day holds points to something big coming.

A Good Friday full of pain.

Perhaps your heart is hurting today? Don’t be discouraged — the pain in this day points to something big coming.

A Silent Saturday full of waiting.

Perhaps you are in a season of waiting and beginning to feel weary? Don’t be discouraged— the tragedy of this day points to something big coming…

An Easter Sunday full of the most incredible joy.

As we go through our Good Friday take the time to meditate on this timeline from the Book of Matthew. Our Savior died today — a death that should be ours. I think about the Lord using it all to point us back to him. Because in the end, everything just points back to Him.

On this Good Friday, we wait and we pray…

A Holy Thursday of Breaking

On this Holy Thursday, we remember our sweet Savior sharing the Last Supper with his disciples and washing their feet in an act of love and humble service. This morning in church, I watched the beautiful symbolism as our babies got their hands washed by their teachers. Such a sweet act of love and care.

In John 13:4-5, Jesus got up from supper, laid aside his outer clothing, took a towel and tied it around himself. Then our sweet Savior, bowed down and washed the disciples feet.

In beautiful commentary on John 13, I read that perhaps Jesus was meditating on Calvary when he got up from that supper to humbly wash the feet of those He loved. This notion pulls at my heart in the deepest ways.

Maybe yours too?

Our Savior was breaking bread while knowing the days ahead would break those around Him because they loved Him so dearly. Our Savior was breaking bread while knowing He came to break the barriers of sin and death. Our Savior was breaking bread while facing a future that threatened to break Him.

When Jesus got up from supper and washed the disciples feet, he pointed to the cross on Calvary – though no one in the room knew it at the time. He endured that horrific cross for each and every one of us. In His death and resurrection, Jesus washed whiter than snow the dirtiest and most horrible parts of us. ❤️

Palm Sunday Has Me in My Feelings

This day is a dichotomy of feelings. Do you feel it too?

Palm Sunday is remembering how our sweet Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey — a symbol of humility and peace. A King – OUR King, was greeted by crowds of people waving palm branches and praising, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” This joy and celebration is a prelude to the suffering and death that our sweet Jesus would soon endure. The same people that praised His name would turn on Him in a matter of days and demand his horrific death. How quickly an adoring crowd shouting your praises can change into a horrible crowd, shouting for your death. I can’t help but wonder, was this to original cancel culture? Also, didn’t they know they can’t cancel Jesus?

As we make our way through Holy Week, I can’t help but be grateful that we get to see the full story. We know the Truth that the dawn of Easter morning holds — the Truth is that death could not hold Him.

Sweet friends, as our palm leaves are woven into crosses this Holy Week, it is so important to remember what our Savior has called us to do — love Him above everything, with every fiber of your being, and then, love one another. ❤️

Sushi + Self-Control

Welcome to the Season FINALE! Do you lose your mind over some delicious sushi? Asking for a friend… maybe.

In Episode 8 of Season 3, Desireé illuminates the importance of self-control. How well we exercise this fruit determines so much in our lives. God wants us to live incredibly but also within His boundaries for our lives. Growing this fruit in our lives sets us up for big wins!

Topics include:

  • Self-control defined (2:37)
  • This is for my fellow-food lovers (3:38)
  • Self-control and the mindset of an elite athlete (6:25)

Join Desireé as she uses her trips around the sun to throw encouragement around like confetti!

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