Desireé Melfi Bozzo

Coach · Educator
Truth Teller

I coach clients using a holistic method – this means I take into account the whole person.

Through Focus, Action and Reflection my clients are able to identify goals, take non-negotiable action, and assess their progress.


To begin, we must zero in and focus on what we want to achieve. We live in a world fighting for our attention at every pass. I walk step-by-step with my clients and guide them on the path to focusing in on their highest calling. When we have clarity around what we are after, the path to get there begins to become not only clearer but more attainable.


During this highly-impactful phase of coaching we get into non-negotiable action. We create opportunities for you to go and grow – be and then see the success. It seems counter-intuitive but the action phase is where we are most often stopped. Through hands-on, process-driven coaching, clients are empowered to become their greatest self.


Reflecting often will allow us to assess and reassess our progress to the goal. Reflecting allows us to see where the blocks are and then overcome the obstacles. It is during this step that we continually refine the strategy and illuminate what we learn.

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