Monday Musings 4.13.15

There is only one thing appropriate for today and it is Shakespeare’s quote.

With valiant hearts we move mountains in this world- the work we do is incredible and life changing- eternity changing even.

Don’t underestimate the power of a determined woman. We change things.


Funkay Fresh Friday Links 4.10.15


Sarah Thomas is blazing trails and now she’s onto the NFL. Check out her interview HERE

If you are married, read this and if you aren’t married, read this… CLICK HERE

Friday’s need dogs. Get your fill by clicking HERE

Seems basic… Yet ingenious! We need this at our cottage… immediately! CLICK HERE

Spring Has Sprung… Is Your Furry Friend Ready?

FullSizeRender is a rock out site with some of the best pet products around. Want to see for yourself? Check it out by clicking this link! I have had the chance to check out two products that they carry and both myself and Miss Bella were wildly impressed.IMG_6252

The first was the FURminator Dual Brush for Dogs. With a name like that I know what you are already thinking… This bad boy better live up to its name! I can assure you, it does. The mission of the company is “for a hair-free home, a happy pet and the life you want.” While that seems like quite the mission to live up to I can promise you that they deliver. FURminator products reduce shedding up to 90% (that’s a lot of hair, folks!) The brushes also help remove mats and tangles that can pull and tug at your sweet pup’s precious skin. The grip on the brush is amazing and feels like heaven in your hand while the design of the brush head follows the natural contours of your pet’s head and body. (If this sounds poetic, that’s because it is… This brush is amazing!) Miss Bella loved it and was in complete chill mode when I was brushing her. If you know her at all, you know she is never in chill mode… Unless of course her narcolepsy kicks in… Which is usually hilarious… I digress. The brush is awesome. Go buy one immediately. It will probably change your life.FullSizeRender (1)

Next up are Zuke’s Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit Recipe. I have to be super honest, I have been a huge fan of Zuke’s for a long time so this wasn’t really a hard sell. Zuke’s is a rad company with the mission “Be Healthy. Be Active. Be Devoted.” Umm, hello inspiration… Where do I sign up?! Zuke’s treats are all natural and don’t contain crazy fillers (which is a HUGE selling point in my book! I don’t wanna give my fur-babes anything that would be potentially terrible for her.) Perhaps the one thing that I love about these treats that not a lot of treats can boast about is the size and the consistency. Miss Bella is all of but 5 lbs and I am very aware that just one extra pound on a dog can have harmful effects on them. I love that these treats are bite-sized for her little teeth and the consistency is easy enough for her to chew up fairly easy. If you haven’t tried the Zuke’s brand yet, stop everything and head to to purchase yours today!

Until next time,

CheersDez cursiveslope

Beautiful Aches of the Heart

A long long time ago, long before I met Hubbz, I met a boy.

My young, sweet teenage heart was enamored with that boy. He intrigued me and he captivated me. It was beautiful and maddening all at the same time. Life happened as it does and that said boy went away to college. It was long before social media and it was quite a few years before I ran into said boy again. When I ran into him, we were both a little older, our adolescent physiques slightly less amazing than they once were. His once gorgeous locks now hinted with grey and receded slightly more than they once did. Despite the effects of time, said boy was still a beautiful human.

As I walked away I thought about the human condition and what it means to love.

For a very long time my teenage love for that boy left an ache in my heart. I spent a lot of time trying to quench the ache left by love. I tried not to feel it. I tried to pretend it wasn’t there. I tried to talk myself out of it. I tried to make it go away.

We all do this. It’s a coping mechanism that’s part of being human. We fight it.1cdcdbb34620a8ee0bd579c09f44cfaa

Some fight it with food.

Some fight it with sex.

Some fight it with alcohol.

Some fight it with drugs.

Some fight it with work.

Some fight it we shopping.

We fight it with just about everything we can think of… and nothing quenches the ache.

The sobering realization is that there are some aches that might never go away. There are people who come into our lives and our soul just clicks with theirs. On a level that surpasses our human understanding, we connect with them. These people are friends, lovers, acquaintances, and the like. We click with them like we’ve never clicked with anybody. These people meet us on levels that the rest of the world can’t- And no matter how hard we try to make that ache go away, sometimes long after they are gone, it burns and it stays and it sticks.

We can fight it and try and get rid of it or we can embrace it and be reminded that the ache means we are human.

The ache means that we were made for a higher purpose than sometimes daily mundane life likes to portray. The ache means we need something bigger than ourselves.

The ache for me reminds me that I need God like I need the air I breath.

It’s maddening and it’s beautiful all at the same time. It’s the human condition. It’s the reason I fall in love with humanity every single day.

CheersDez cursiveslope

FaceTime Lessons with my Sister


So I’m standing in my kitchen at 9:30 on a random weeknight and decide to dial-up my sister in Boston. With her kiddos fast asleep I hope to catch her in those sacred moments after baths and bed but before she calls it a day. FaceTime rings once then to my astonishment the screen reads “connecting”! I don’t know why but I am still always amazed that I can be 773 miles away and it’s like I am right there. (I hope I never lose that awe with the world. I digress.)IMG_6037

My sisters beautiful face pops up and I smile. I throw up a little hallelujah and thank God silently for these super special way too few moments. I stand at the counter and make Hubbz a snack of peanut butter and apples while while I chat with my sister. We laugh and catch up on things that only sisters can talk about. She tells me to hold on a second and she runs off to do something.

That was the moment that it hit me…

As I sat there staring at the wall in her dining room waiting for her to return, thinking about her now fast asleep kids that are usually running about I had a thought be-bop into my brain.

FaceTime reminds me of God.

Super weird statement… Yep, I totally get it.

Go with me on this for a minute. I promise it will be worth it.

God so loves us that he dials us up. He calls our name. Sometimes we hear his distinct ringtone sometimes we are so busy with life that we don’t. And there are also those times that we purposefully send him to voicemail because, let’s be honest we can’t be bothered. (Yep, totes guilty here.)

Then there are the moments that God does connect with us, but then we put him on hold so we can fly and flit to this thing and that. God is there watching, waiting, willing us to return to the conversation with him. Sometimes we return, sometimes we keep him on hold for a very very long time because I mean, we got this on our own. (Again, totes guilty… Oops.)

I ponder this as I wait for my sister. Finally her face pops back into the screen and my heart is joyful. We finish our convo say our “good nights”, “see you soon” and “kiss the kids”.

And just like that she’s gone.

I feel sad for a moment- but then I start to pray.

Prayers of thanks for moments with my sister.

Prayers of thanks for a plan larger than me.

Prayers of thanks that I have a God who loves me with mercy and grace.

My heart becomes steadied.

God is in control…

If only I pick up the FaceTime and answer Him when He calls.


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