Monday Musings 7.28.14

Own it.

Tell it.

… But tell it with respect to others…

…Even when they don’t deserve it…

…Especially when they don’t deserve it…


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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 7.25.14

This summer seems like every day is my Friday. While I am not complaining, I know that isn’t the case for all of you. SO, without further ado, I present this week’s Funkay Freshness. Enjoy!

FFFL 7.23.14

Peanut Butter and Pups makes my face laugh.

The point of social media is TO ENGAGE WITH OTHERS. Some people get this, others just kinda spew their thoughts in the air and hope something sticks (like that visual? I just made it up.) Anywho, read this and try to step-up your Twitter game.

Evidently Wednesday was Batman Day. Incase you missed it, here’s this to evoke feelings of nostalgia.

In Cowboy’s News: The Boys kicked off Training Camp in Oxnard this week, launched a Snapchat (@cowboys) and said goodbye to a former Cowboy.

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photo credit: Getty Images, Google


I write this as I am sitting outside enjoying a gorgeous sunny afternoon in The Mitten. This afternoon has me sitting in my favorite spot on the best, yeah I said it, THE BEST college campus on Earth.

I sit here enjoying the little things:

The warm sun on my skin.

The students walking by with determination in their step.

The train in the distance.

The birds singing a chorus.

The butterfly that just flitted by.

The River meandering along.

The bug… WHAT THE!? Eww. That’s a gross bug…

Anywho, I am re-blogging this because Dr. Elko is preaching good this week! He talks on mindfulness and noticing the things around you. He speaks to even you, who just rolled your eyes and thought “I am too busy”… Maybe especially you.

little things

Be mindful my friends.

Notice the little things because as the quote goes… Sometimes they will be big things.

Click Here for a cup of Dr. E’s wisdom

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Monday Musings 7.21.14

This speaks to a place deep in my soul. In my humanness I desire to connect with people. Sometimes I learn those people aren’t capable of that same connection. They aren’t capable of giving or even receiving the connection. It is in this space there is sadness and pain…

But I have learned that it is also in this space that there is such freedom to love with reckless abandon.

Just love.

Pure unadulterated love.

It is in this space that miracles can happen.

Be terribly real.

It may cause pain… It may also cause a miracle.

real thing

CheersDez cursiveslope

Funkay Fresh Friday Links 7.18.14

It’s Friday, Yo!!! Mid-July already, my oh my how summer flies by! Here are some of the best virtual things I have seen this week… Enjoy!

All you needed to know about beloved ink… And how it really is permanent.

You’re totally going to sob your eyeballs out at this. Make sure you pup is close enough to love on!

Want to get into Harvard? Don’t be boring, kind of.

I’m a big fan of self-care… Here are 10 ways to strengthen your self-care practice.

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