Monday Musings 9.29.14

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful quotes I have read… See, here’s the thing, we never really heal anything until we break open our hearts and do the work. We can read la-de-dah quotes and pretend all is well but until we do the horrible, terrifying, hard work of opening the wounds and cleaning them out we’re never going to get over any hurt in our lives. It sucks more than anything on the face of the planet… But it’s worth it in the end.


Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 9.26.14

Happy Friday! Here’s a mash-up of awesome… Enjoy!

Blue Man Group is amazing again- This time with iPhone 6. Watch here…

Ever feel intimidated? Pshhhht, I know, me neither! Just kidding. Sometimes I do. For those times, there’s this. Read on…

Apollos Hester nailed it with this post game interview. I kind of want to run through a brick wall now. Watch here…

My love for Instagram runs deep. I LOL’d at this because there is more truth in this article than fiction. Read On…

CheersDez cursiveslope


Wine Weekend 5

Another Wine Weekend (our fifth, to be exact) has come to a close and with it, a little nostalgia…

I spent this weekend in Northern Michigan with family and friends laughing until my abs hurt. I was at an Annual event that my brother puts together for the people in his life that he loves… Click Here for the full article.

IMG_2536FullSizeRender IMG_2526IMG_2502


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