Gratitude Tuesday 11.27.12


In the moment I have gratitude for:
– Dinner and bevies with Jill.
– Thanksgiving Day Football.
– Spending time with family.
– The look on my nieces faces when I brought Miss Bella to see them.
– Mashed potatoes, pumpkin cookies, Ma’s pasta and blue cheese stuffed olives.
– My Ma’s hugs… Because then I know it will all be ok.
– The Black Friday deals Hubbz scores on random Wednesdays.
– Decorating for Christmas.
– Healing brokenness.
– A day full of nothing but sweatpants, hoodies, Hubbz & football.
– Finishing a book.
– The Love Dare.
– Executing AWESOME Pinterest projects.
– Getting my wreaths hung all by myself (it made me proud!)

Cheers to Being Grateful, Dez

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