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Funkay Fresh Friday Links 2.27.15

Nothing touches my heart as much as supporting wellness in our minds, in our bodies, in our souls. Meet a woman who is incredible and supporting that cause. CLICK HERE This one is for the Ladies… This might be the best Instagram account I have found all week. CLICK HERE While we’re speaking of Instagram, do you […]

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Funkay Fresh Friday Links 2.20.15

What up Friday. Thanks for gracing us with your presence yet again. Let’s get down to it with some funkay-freshness on the internet! Like him or hate him, he’s our commish and this is him running the 40… CLICK HERE This is a throwback but I can’t handle the awesomeness of it. 16 Things I […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 12.19.14

Another week… More Links… Love it… I started Serial yesterday morning… Literally the day that the Finale was released… To find out more, CLICK HERE This had me in tears I was laughing so hard. To check out The Lenihan Factor, CLICK HERE A Sorta Gift Guide for the Overwhelmed and Broken Hearted this Christmas. CLICK […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 12.11.14

It’s Friday… That means the best of the best from my week is here… Enjoy! Tis’ the Season for Christmas Fails! Watch Here. I am shamelessly addicted to SnapChat… (find me, follow me, @dezmelfi) This video has me in tears I am laughing so hard. Watch Here. I think my Ma had these same sentiments […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 12.5.14

How is it December already? I don’t have an answer to that, but I do have some funkay-fresh friday links for your face! Stay warm and enjoy… This guy tho… His words tho… WATCH HERE Are you married and hopelessly lonely? READ THIS Married Chicks… Want a free e-book on having a fulfilling marriage? CLICK […]

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