Infertility and Baby #2

I close my eyes and feel our cozy bed envelope my tired body. A long, gray day in The Mitten makes my bones feel chilled to the core. I have been waiting to be able to crawl back into bed since my alarm went off bright and early this morning. Not that I was wishing […]

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Frumperella & the New Black Dress

This one is for the mommy’s. For you ladies holding it down. The jobs, the weight loss, the food prep, the yoga, the heavy lifting, the poopy diapers. The child-rearing from the home or from the road. For you holding down the marriages and the happy husbands while making dinner, making the beds, doing the laundry […]

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My Journey to the Mommy Club: The Best Laid Plans

I open my eyeholes and look at the clock expecting it to be 6:00 am. 2:17am. “UGH. Time, you are a dummy.” I roll over and will myself back to sleep. I wake up again, surely it’s time. 3:23 am, I lay there willing myself to go back to sleep. The nurse’s instructions replay in […]

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My Journey to the Mommy Club: A Trip to The Fertility Doctor

​I stand in front of the mirror tugging at my gray sweater and wonder if there will ever be a cute baby bump underneath it. I look at the woman staring back at me and try my hardest to will her to believe this doesn’t mean she has failed. I see her staring back at […]

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