Beauty in the Breakdown

Why do we so often forget that there is beauty in the breakdown? Beauty in the falling. Beauty in the cleaving. Beauty in the breaking. Some of the most beautiful moments in my life are when I was broken seemingly beyond repair and hurting more than I could handle. It is in those moments that […]

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Monday Musings 5.12.14

To the painful beautiful change we all must go through at some point. It is essential. It is good. It is necessary. For if things never changed, we could never grow.

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Monday Musing 1.27.14

You can’t deny the way a person’s eyes light up when they talk about something they love. It’s so beautiful to me to be able to witness a person’s passion about something that drives them and motivates them. It’s this raw, authentic, transparent excitement about people that I fall in love with day after day. […]

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The Girl’s Favorite Things

So this is totally an Oprah inspired random post… Any of you who have ever watched her show know where I am going with this… (Minus the uber-amazing giveaways!) LOL For those of you who don’t… You will catch on! Cheers, Dez My Favorite Lip Gloss My Favorite Eye Makeup Remover My Favorite Color Protecting […]

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