Reality Checks from Jon Acuff

I really like Jon Acuff… His writing offers me a reality check while keeping it real. His latest was too great not to post. CLICK HERE for Jon Acuff’s take on the tension between dreaming big and planning realistically. Laughter is a gift from God. When we refuse to accept it, it makes Him want to […]

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Monday Musings 2.4.13

Another Musing for your Monday! We all know the moment when we are laying in bed, in that beautiful little state between awake and asleep. The place where dreams are conceived. The place where raw emotion resides. The place where our hopes and dreams, successes and failures and soul crushing yearnings rest. That is the […]

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Monday Musings 1.28.13

Today I received some crazy exciting news… News I have been waiiiiting for, for like, years… 14 to be exact… Maybe longer… Check out Monday’s Musing to hear more… Click Here for Monday Musing 1.28.13 Cheers to the Opportunity to Live the Dream, Dez

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