Each of Us Needs All Of Us

“Each of us needs all of us.” Today’s post is a product of Dr. Elko’s Thursday Night Pep talk resonating volumes in me. So many times we want to go at life on our own as a lone wolf. While this can be a good thing at times, the essence of being human is being […]

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Jesus, Football & a Crumb. Who’s In?

Another dose of awesome from Dr. E… Check out his Thursday Night Pep Talk from last night. There’s something in it for everyone… Jesus Stuff. Football Stuff. Dallas Cowboys Stuff. Washington Redskins Stuff. All you need is a crumb. Take a crumb opportunity and create a feast. Who’s with me? Check it out.. Thursday Night Pep […]

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The Law of Attraction?

Funny how things come along when you are in the right mindset… Shall I be so bold as to call it the Law of Attraction? I have no idea but all I know is I received this Dr. Elko chat in my Inbox and it aligns with my Valentine’s Day message so well… Enjoy my […]

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