Heads v. Hearts

I was scrolling Instagram one fine afternoon and came across this lovely little pictorial about emotions and energy and where we feel things. I am a firm believer in head and heart emotions. It should go without saying, I was fascinated by this! It got me thinking about how we internalize emotions and the “what […]

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Jefferson Bethke’s Grace v. Fear

Jefferson Bethke has a great way of explaining the Word. This is a pretty incredible message on Grace v. Fear and the temptations that can literally hypnotize and lure us away from our Christ walk. “When we put our ear closer to the heart of Jesus, sin drowns out more and more and more.”  

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Monday Musings 1.28.13

Today I received some crazy exciting news… News I have been waiiiiting for, for like, years… 14 to be exact… Maybe longer… Check out Monday’s Musing to hear more… Click Here for Monday Musing 1.28.13 Cheers to the Opportunity to Live the Dream, Dez

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Monday Musings 11.19.12

This Monday I’m sharing a special little quote that I have loved for a VERY long time… See, we don’t usually regret the chances we took, even if we failed at them, they add to who we are. We don’t usually wish we didn’t have certain relationships, even if they ended bad, because they add […]

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