How to Get From Pain to Peace

Episode #2 of Season #2 is coming in HOTTT! We are getting deep in a hurry but it’s going to be super worth it – promise! To check out Episode 2, “Healing the Past (Ugh, I Know, Right!?)”, be-bop your way over to Amazon Music, Apple, Google Podcasts & Spotify to tune in or use […]

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Relationships Change, so I Learn to Let Go

Life is amazing and beautiful and definitely a gift. Sometimes it’s also the hardest thing on the face of the planet. A truth I have learned so deeply in the past 4 years is that the time we spend in each others lives always comes to an end. Lives change and it’s these changes that […]

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Monday Musings 9.29.14

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful quotes I have read… See, here’s the thing, we never really heal anything until we break open our hearts and do the work. We can read la-de-dah quotes and pretend all is well but until we do the horrible, terrifying, hard work of opening the wounds and […]

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Post-9/11 Thoughts

I watched the video below in awe, and then the questions began to flood my mind… My heart became sad all over again. I am sad not only for the events of September 11, 2001 and all the devastation that has happened before and since, but I am sad for us as human beings. I […]

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Monday Musings 9.8.14

It was a Sunday of healing and celebrating. So beautiful is God’s grace that it brought me to tears more than once. He is so good. When we can’t see it. When we don’t believe it. When we cannot even begin to understand it. He is God and He is good.

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