The Rabbit Holes of Instagram

Have you ever fallen into an Instagram rabbit hole? You know, when you are 7 layers deep looking at the pictures of some person you don’t know who is apparently living their best life now and also happens to be nothing short of hilarious. Recently, I was laying in bed and had accidentally found myself […]

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Funkay Fresh Friday Links 2.27.15

Nothing touches my heart as much as supporting wellness in our minds, in our bodies, in our souls. Meet a woman who is incredible and supporting that cause. CLICK HERE This one is for the Ladies… This might be the best Instagram account I have found all week. CLICK HERE While we’re speaking of Instagram, do you […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 11.21.14

Enjoying My Amazing Husband. Rocking My Career. Loving My Masters Pursuit. Immersing Myself in Gym Time. Mentoring Students. Loving on our Pup. Cultivating Friendships. Life has been busy and Funkay-Fresh Friday Links have been a bit, how shall I say… Scattered! Have no fear… They are back. (At least this week!) Ha! None the less, […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 9.26.14

Happy Friday! Here’s a mash-up of awesome… Enjoy! Blue Man Group is amazing again- This time with iPhone 6. Watch here… Ever feel intimidated? Pshhhht, I know, me neither! Just kidding. Sometimes I do. For those times, there’s this. Read on… Apollos Hester nailed it with this post game interview. I kind of want to run […]

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