Photo.A.Day December 24th

Photo.A.Day December 24, 2012 “Favorite Part of Christmas Eve” Italian tradition calls for Pasta con Acciughe… Yes, acciughe! It’s the only time of year you will catch me eating this… It is just soooo good… As long as I don’t think about what it is! Growing up, my Grandma would make it and I would […]

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Photo.A.Day December 13th

Photo.A.Day December 13, 2012 “Family” So, I’m Italian… I’m a pasta eating, wine drinking, track suit rocking, big-hair loving Italian Chick… And to make matters even more amazing… I married an Italian… A bread and cheese eating, Sambuca drinking, man-bag rocking, bald-headed Italian Dude. In our little fairytale nothing signifies family more than a photo […]

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