My Journey to the Mommy Club: A Letter to the Women Still Waiting

To the Woman Still Waiting to be Mommy, Hi sweet lady. It has been on my heart to send you this message. I want you to know that my heart still aches for you and I haven’t forgotten you. One thing I know is that I always will hurt for your story of infertility because your […]

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My Journey to the Mommy Club: The Egg, The IUI & The Tattoo?!

I read the gospel of Mark, Chapter 1 as I wait for the phone call from the doctor’s office. The same phone call that is going to reaffirm the bad news the morning ultrasound already told us. I read about Jesus being baptized and about him calling his disciples, his chosen people, to come follow […]

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My Journey to the Mommy Club: My Last Ugly Cry of 2015

I was pretending it wasn’t really going to have to happen. If I whistled past the graveyard on this one maybe, just maybe I could get by without having to stab myself with a syringe full of baby making medicine. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays I had actually forgotten about the process […]

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Monday Musings For the Last Week of Classes

Another semester of my Master’s degree pursuit is winding down and what an incredible one it has been. This semester I have had to dig deep and really define how I want to make a difference in this world. It has been a semester of aligning my passions with my career and mixing in a […]

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