3 Sweet Secrets to a Happy Life

Hi Friends! 👋🏼 Episode #2 launched this morning. To check out ”3 Sweet Secrets to a Happy Life”, be-bop your way over to Amazon Music, Apple, Google Podcasts & Spotify to tune in! Love what you heard?📌Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode – it’s going to be a great season!📌Share my podcast on social […]

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It’s Coming in 1 Week!

Get ready for the most anticipated podcast of the summer! … OK so maybe that was a little extra — but seriously, get ready because a week from today it’s lunching! In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to get ready for the big day: Follow Life Out Loud on Instagram Follow Life […]

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Of Love and Flower Obsessions

I’m kind of a neurotic nut job when it comes to my plants. It isn’t entirely my fault. When I was growing-up my summer job, in addition to caddying loops at our local country club, was to water the flowers around the house on the regular… and my Ma had 739 million flowers. No joke. […]

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Frumperella & the New Black Dress

This one is for the mommy’s. For you ladies holding it down. The jobs, the weight loss, the food prep, the yoga, the heavy lifting, the poopy diapers. The child-rearing from the home or from the road. For you holding down the marriages and the happy husbands while making dinner, making the beds, doing the laundry […]

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Intentionality in Marriage

My first priority when I walk in the door after work is to look as homeless as I possibly can. After a long day of having to wear pants I feel that it is my reward to promptly remove them when I get home and lavish my body with something amazing like 100% cotton jersey knit. I […]

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