Beauty in the Breakdown

Why do we so often forget that there is beauty in the breakdown? Beauty in the falling. Beauty in the cleaving. Beauty in the breaking. Some of the most beautiful moments in my life are when I was broken seemingly beyond repair and hurting more than I could handle. It is in those moments that […]

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Monday Musings 10.20.14

Ashley Conrad is the real deal. For as much as I like to think I invented being so clutch that you can’t even handle it… I didn’t. She did. Gratitude, People. It’s all about gratitude.

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Monday Musings 9.29.14

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful quotes I have read… See, here’s the thing, we never really heal anything until we break open our hearts and do the work. We can read la-de-dah quotes and pretend all is well but until we do the horrible, terrifying, hard work of opening the wounds and […]

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