The Landry Hat: It’s All About the Defense at the Moment!

Another week into the pre-season brought another game for our ‘Boys. While we came up short for the win, our Defense shined nicely. Click over to my article on The Landry Hat to read more. Cheers, Dez

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The Landry Hat: It’s Officially the Pre-Season, Baby!

It’s here… Pre-Season Football… Check out what I had to say about the Hall of Fame Game between the ‘Boys and the ‘Fins. “It’s Officially the Pre-Season, Baby!” Cheers, Dez photo credit:

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The Landry Hat: AT&T Stadium. That’s Original. Who Plays There?

I am sure by now you have all heard the news that broke about the ‘Boys stadium name change… I couldn’t let it go by without sharing my thoughts. Check it out over on The Landry Hat. Cheers, Dez photo credit: Ticket Liquidator’s blog “Live Toast”

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The Landry Hat: Tales of the Illustrious Cowboys Cup – A Viking’s Tale

My Dallas Cowboys start Training Camp 2013 in Oxnard in 4 days… Until then, enjoy another Tale in the Series of The Illustrious Cowboys Cup. Follow the link to read A Viking’s Tale. Cheers, Dez

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