Lessons I Learned from Earning my Master’s Degree

Thanks to a recent shift in priorities and a social media hiatus, I have had a lot more time to write… Lessons I Learned from Earning my Master’s Degree was written in December of 2016 (ummm, I’ve been busy… better late than never). It’s finally seeing the light of day and that’s cool because life […]

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Monday Musings 12.15.14

The Pursuit. Hard work pays off. I pause and enjoy the success for a moment- Then I forget about it. The Pursuit. The next mountain is just around the bend. It waits like an ominous giant waiting to be conquered. It is Goliath but thankfully, I have the heart of David. The next giant will […]

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Heads v. Hearts

I was scrolling Instagram one fine afternoon and came across this lovely little pictorial about emotions and energy and where we feel things. I am a firm believer in head and heart emotions. It should go without saying, I was fascinated by this! It got me thinking about how we internalize emotions and the “what […]

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Gratitude Tuesday 10.23.12

Gratitude Tuesday is something I started so that I can share my thankfulness with the world at least once a week. My hope is that you will see the things in your life that you are thankful for and in your own way and space in time, share them with the people that you do life […]

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