Reflections & New Beginnings

At the end of a chapter in life, I have come to the conclusion that we must take a moment to reflect. On Friday, I walked out of my office for the final time. The parties were over, the cake was long gone and the presents and the cards had been opened. I had the […]

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Monday Musings For the Last Week of Classes

Another semester of my Master’s degree pursuit is winding down and what an incredible one it has been. This semester I have had to dig deep and really define how I want to make a difference in this world. It has been a semester of aligning my passions with my career and mixing in a […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 12.5.14

How is it December already? I don’t have an answer to that, but I do have some funkay-fresh friday links for your face! Stay warm and enjoy… This guy tho… His words tho… WATCH HERE Are you married and hopelessly lonely? READ THIS Married Chicks… Want a free e-book on having a fulfilling marriage? CLICK […]

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Locker Rooms are Sacred Places

I have at least a million locker room tales that range from heart-warming to flat-out hilarious. Some are one-liners that make me laugh and some are emotional stories that offer wisdom beyond years. I would love to blog them and share them with the world but I can’t bring myself to do it. I have thought […]

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Week in Fotos Recap

Attended a City Hall Meeting #LoveLansing Kept the 5am workouts going strong. Tried Indian Cuisine… YUM! Surprised with a single rose. ALCS Game 5 #DETvBOS #Limos & #ClubLevel (I am blessed by the generosity of a good friend!) Hubbz turned 38. Sweetest Day (you can read more here) Attended another church service where we delved […]

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