Monday Musings 12.10.12

Monday Musings5Happy Monday! Here is your musing for today taken from a daily devotional I read by Sarah Young, “Jesus Calling” …It’s basically daily love notes sprinkled down from The Big Man. (LOVE IT!)

So many times I wish my worries and problems would just go away… That’s right, I want them to just take a hike and never come back… Sayonara Sweetheart!!! (I have a sneaky suspicion I am not alone in this way of thinking.) I have learned though that A) That is never going to happen ::insert eye roll and slightly annoyed sigh:: and B) When you stare your problems square in the face- when you look adversity in the eye, you are able to see a beauty in it… Maybe even good ::insert happy face and dance party USA::

So this Monday, I urge you to take the journey with me to (as Sarah puts it) “accept the value of problems in this life”… and do it with joy!

Cheers to seeing the joy in the problems, Dez


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