Photo.A.Day December 20th

Photo.A.Day December 20, 2012

“Tree Topper”

Today’s assignment was to capture a tree topper… In our case, the lack of one… You see in 5 years we have never had a star adorn the top of the tree and not because I haven’t been looking! Every year, I have searched high and low for the most perfect star. The beloved jewel to top the focal point of the living room… I’ve found too girly, to gaudy, to swirly and too glittery but never the perfect one.

One has to wonder what this means on a psychological level… It’s clearly not a commitment thing or a lack of desire thing… Maybe it’s just my own thing… Like the lack of a tree topper is the tree topper itself… It’s the open endedness of it all that I think I like. See, when I was little I was the one who always got to put the angel on the top of the tree… And I only got to put it on there when the tree was done and not a moment before… Maybe I view the Christmas tree like I view life, a constant changing work in progress… You can’t top what’s not finished!

Cheers to My Version of the Tree Topper, Dez


1 Comments on “Photo.A.Day December 20th”

  1. Last year I had a doll of JB (from the boyband JLS) tied to the top of my tree…its a long story as to why but at the end of the day each to their own and well hes a ‘star’ after all right? – I also had ‘soft’ and ‘firm’ pillow ties from a number of hotels as additional decorations…each to their own lol

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