Monday Musings 2.11.13


It’s here… A week after the Super Bowl, in the midst of Hockey, just in time to lift my winter spirits. It. Has. Arrived. MLB Spring Training!!! If you have followed my blog for any amount of time you know I am the girl who goes Ga-Ga over the Gridiron, but that hasn’t always been my truth. Growing up the sport that dominated my family was baseball. We would take trips from The Mitten down to Georgia and watch our beloved team, the Atlanta Braves. We traveled to Pittsburgh to see them battle the Pirates, Cincy to play the Reds and my most favorite memories will always be countless trips to Chi-Town when the Braves played the Cubbies! (I grew up a Brave but have always had a soft spot for the Cubbies and Wrigley… Something about standing there and looking up at that big red Wrigley sign “Home of the Chicago Cubs“… Leaves a kid awe-struck! One day, someday, they are going to make it and when they do… Boy, Oh Boy!) But alas, I digress! Growing up a Brave I got to see a lot of the greats play… And even got the chance to meet a few! 😉 From The Amazing Bobby Cox to players like Smoltz, Glavine, Javy Lopez, Fred McGriff, Ryan Klesko, Dave Justice, Ron Gant and THE Chipper Jones… These men shaped the world of baseball as I know it. In 2009 my allegiance began to shift (with good reason) and I started to fall in love with my true hometown team The Detroit Tigers. In the past 4 years I have embraced them as my team and they welcomed me with open arms.

This is a musing full of memories, nostalgia and a whole lot of love… Happy Spring Training! PLAY BALL!

Cheers, Dez


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