Humble Tuesdays.

I walked around with my dress inside out most of the morning. Imagine how silly I looked walking around in one of my favorite dresses… Tag hanging out and all. I don’t know how it happened. Quite classy for a Tuesday if I don’t say so myself.

Isn’t that life sometimes? We seem to look like we have it together, super cute and adorably sassy… Upon further inspection we see that we’re just one overlooked detail away from looking like a total goofball.

I had to laugh. In all of my trying to be my best version of perfect, I sit here humbled. My little tag hanging out for all the world to see was a friendly reminder. Dollface, (because sometimes in my head that’s what I call myself) you’re adorable but you’re not perfect. (Newsflash… None of us are.) I can never be my version of perfect, so instead I’ll be my best version of me.

Cheers to humbleness on a Tuesday, Dez

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