My Siblings are the Bomb-Diggity

I am the hottest smartest funniest youngest (and probably most high maintenance modest) of three kids. If you have hung around my blog for any amount of time, you know that I adore my Big Brudder and Sistah to the moon and back. (No those aren’t typo’s and yes, I will always refer to them like that… Even when I am 90!) I am half way into my 30th year on this planet and I can honestly say my siblings are still the bomb-diggity. There are a million and seventy-four reasons why this is the truth but today for the sake of time, I am giving you three.


1) Regardless of our age, our marital status, how many kids we have, the number of degrees we obtain or the professional positions we hold, when we get together none of that matters… Seriously, none of it. The world calls us to perform on so many levels and it’s comforting knowing there are people in life, who have known you from the beginning of your life, that don’t judge you by the world’s standards.

2) We call each other into being great and never let each other settle for playing a small game in life. We know that at any given moment, we can call or FaceTime and get the butt-kicking or pep talk of the Century by someone who loves us unequivocally and wants us to be a Champion in life.

3) We make each other laugh. A LOT. If you know me to any degree you know one of my most favorite things to do on the face of the planet is send the most HILARIOUS, off-the-wall texts in the middle of a random day. My sister sends photos and stories of her kids that crack you up to no end and my brother, well, that’s top secret Jedi stuff. #topsecret #insidejoke #checkmate Laughter really is the best medicine and we have that down to a science.

So on a random Wednesday, here’s to siblings and the 1,763, 934 reasons I love mine!

Cheers, Dez


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