Week in Fotos Recap

This post is a little delayed due to some weather (and power) whoa’s in The Mitten! It’s a little annoying, but not as long as my local tea shop has power and Wifi! After all, when you live in Michigan this is what you sign-up for! Without further ado… Here is a glimpse into my week!

DTown Tree

Checked out the State’s Christmas Tree

sewing machine

Decided to take up a new hobby. Bought my first sewing machine… The world is now my oyster!


FaceTimed with my Big Bro as we virtually Christmas shopped through Toys R’ Us for gifts for our 3 adorable nieces and handsome little nephew.

photo 2

Made self-portraits with our 3 nieces… Our nephew just wanted to run across the paper and make car noises… The girls were not amused.

photo 3

Won a Jenga Tournament. YEAHHHH BUDDY! (Not that I am competitive or anything!)

photo 1

Met Trew, one of the Founders of Tom + Chee. I originally saw them when they pitched the idea on Shark Tank (one of my favorite shows) so for me this was uber-cool! They just opened in Downtown Lansing! #ultimatecomfortfood

photo (7)

Stumbled upon StumbleUpon… I highly recommend checking it out.

photo (8)

Finding beauty in the chaos of life… You know, that thing that happens when you have other plans!

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