This is What 31 Looks Like

I have a thing about birthdays… The Nostalgia of Celebrating Birthdays

When I found out I was spending my 31st birthday solo during the day, I was a bit perturbed. I hadn’t spent a birthday away from my boyfriend – turned fiancée – turned darling Hubbz in 12 years. For a millisecond I wanted to throw a fit and stomp my feet because spending my birthday solo is wildly depressing to me… Then I decided to hike up the big girl panties and make the best of it.

Turns out, I had one of the most breathtaking, peaceful, soul-filling, joyful birthdays I could have dreamed… Scratch that. You couldn’t dream up a day that was this good.

Wednesday, we ushered in 31 with an impromptu get together with new friends. Laughs, hockey playoffs, Tigers baseball and a Miami Heat loss! You can, I am sure, imagine my delight.

I kicked off 31 with a yogalates class (that was super awesome, BTW) and some crazy cardio.

I did a little shopping and snagged some incredible deals on some gifts for myself and a few for others.

I bummed around Old Town and enjoyed the scenery.

I got a fab new haircut.

I tried something new and went into a store I had never been in before and I fell in love!

I gallivanted into Bradley’s, where I dreamed up a new project for our home.

I discovered the phenomena of a terrarium… For it is AWESOME!

I sat in the sun and gave a ridiculous amount of gratitude to the creator of this amazing Universe.

I got a massage. One-hour of immense bliss and my body was like jell-o… Ummm, bad metaphor! I never want my body to be like jell-o!

I cozied up to a patio with My Champion in a city that makes my soul happy.

I FaceTimed with my sister, 3 nieces and nephew. It was a conversation that made my soul smile. I cried in humble appreciation for the Happy Birthday posters they made me and the song they sang me.

I cheered on a (stressful) Tigers win.

I enjoyed watching Bubba (and Rory) and Company in The Memorial Tournament.

I capped off the night at our local watering and enjoyed a nostalgia inducing conversation with Hubbz.

It was a day of everything and nothing… And it was wildly perfect.

Cheers to 31!

CheersDez cursiveslope

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