Because Sometimes We Forget

Sometimes we forget how big our God is. As a Christian, that’s kind of embarrassing.

Last week something happened to me and it was after my initial panic over the situation that I just shook my head at myself because I remembered how big my God is.

See, I was coming home from a fun little two-week trip to Boston. My flight was cancelled then rebooked, delayed then cancelled again, then rebooked, then delayed… I was at the airport for a really really long time. I like to think I am a good traveler. I am flexible, I go with the flow, I get it’s not all about me (why can’t I apply my travel attitude to the rest of my life?! I digress.) I figure, when I get to my destination, I get there. I can’t control the weather and there is nothing I can do about delays and cancellations so just roll with it.

Alas, I finally boarded my first flight! Mid-way to my connecting city, in my head, I kind of panicked. We were supposed to land he exact minute my second flight was taking off.

Now let me interject (and try to save a little face) that by the time this happened, I had already said some emotional goodbyes, I was slightly tired, a little hungry, really missed Hubbz and our pup… and I kind of had to pee. It was like the perfect storm brewing in my brain. In the midst of my worry and panic, I did the thing I know to do… I began to pray…

So, um, hey God. What’s up? It’s just me (again)… So, um, I realize that there really isn’t anything I can do to change this situation. I’m in a speeding plane millions and trillions of miles off the ground. I can’t make the plane go faster, I can’t stop time (but it would be super-cool if I couldJust sayin’!) Anyway, I really really realllllly would prefer to make my connecting flight. I don’t want to run through the airport to my gate dodging business men’s rolling bags and narrowly missing women and children. I don’t want to stay in a hotel tonight. I want to sleep in my own bed cuddled up to Hubbz. I am really missing Hubbz and our pupPlus I have had an emotional dayI miss my sister already (I am still irritated that you think it’s ok for her to live 773 miles away.) I know it could be worse and I kind of feel like a selfish jerk-face for praying about this, but I am anyway because you said yourself to cast all my cares on you. Somaybe you could, I dunno, help a girl out here?

And per usual, he gave me a verse… Because He’s God and He’s good like that.
“My Grace is sufficient enough for you.”
It was on my heart that regardless of my circumstances or where I laid my head to sleep, His Grace is sufficient enough. I was covered by His provision and he had a plan. It was my job to let him pilot this one (No pun intended… Well, maybe a little… See what I did there?!)

I recited the verse until the plane touched down. Knowing in my heart (and now my head) that no matter where I spent the night, I was right where I was supposed to be- drenched in His Grace. I turned on my iPhone and be-bopped to my flight app… My connecting flight was delayed… 45 minutes… More than enough time to get to my gate and even indulge in a little much needed self-care.

In that moment, all I could do was shake my head… Silly Jesus Girl… You forgot how big your God is. It’s times like this that I really believe He does things in our lives to shake our foundation a little. Amidst the doing of life sometimes He needs to reign us back in and remind us to turn to Him.

He’s got us.

He’s in control.

His Grace is sufficient.

His provision is astounding.

He reminds us… Because sometimes, we forget.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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