Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 1.9.15

So much has happened this week… A roller coaster of emotions… Here are the snippets.

The World Wide Leader in Sports lost an icon. Stuart Scott was one of my favorite Sports Center anchors growing up. I remember watching him in the mornings on summer vacation before I would head to the Country Club to caddy. The industry of Sport lost an incredible man. CLICK HERE for a HuffPost article on him. CLICK HERE for his amazing ESPYs

In more sports news, the 2015 Hall of Fame Inducees has been announced… CLICK HERE for the article. Since everyone has a favorite, CLICK HERE to see mine. (Not that you are surprised.)

This cool snippet explains everything… Well, some things, anyway. CLICK HERE to see what I mean.

Incase you have had a rough week and need a smile on your face CLICK HERE. If this doesn’t warm your heart, I am sorry you don’t have a soul.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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