Funkay Fresh Friday Links 2.6.15

Because it’s Friday…

How about some food hacks for those of you who love (or like me, hate) being in the kitchen… CLICK HERE

I hope my fur-baby never needs one of these but if she does you better believe she’s getting a martini glass one… Or Batman. CLICK HERE

Because we were inundated with snow this week, this seemed appropriate and festive! CLICK HERE

Candy Chang is one of my favorite artists… Post Secret is my favorite book series… We all have our secrets, our addictions, our quirks, our junk, our beautiful brokenness. This is a throwback to remind us how alike we all really are. CLICK HERE

If you love Saved By the Bell as much as I did, you are going to LOVE this… CLICK HERE!!!

CheersDez cursiveslope

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