A Letter to Our Little Boy

Hi My Sweet BabyB, Well… We made it. We are officially in the third trimester. The home stretch is here! My sweet little boy, you have given me the most beautiful pregnancy I could ever ask for. Despite the horror stories people feel the need to share, my pregnancy with you has been so fun and I have felt amazing (although I walk a little slower these days and sometimes I think I even waddle a little.) Your Daddy tells me he thinks it’s cute, so there’s that. I have stayed healthy (besides this annoyingly consistent stuffed up nose) so hopefully that means your immune system is super-duper healthy too! I don’t know if that’s a thing, I kind of just made it up because it sounds like it could be a thing.

From the moment I felt you move at 18 weeks you have not stopped moving and my little sweetheart, I am so in love with that feeling. Sometimes I feel you be-bopping around in there while I am out and about and I just giggle to myself because it’s this little secret world happening in my belly. Your Daddy loves feeling you move too. He could be across the room and I just have to tell him you are moving and he immediately stops what he is doing to come feel you. Your daddy is so in love with you. Everyday when he kisses me, he kisses my belly too and says “Hi Son. I love you.” My sweet boy, that might sound weird now but remember that when you grow up and have a wife one day. It will make her fall in love with you all over again, I promise.

I can’t believe that in 12-ish short weeks I will get to see your little face. I can’t wait to hold your hands and count your toes. I keep thinking about the moment that they will put you on my chest and I get to hold you for the first time. I bet I will definitely cry, an ugly-faced one at that. I apologize in advance that the first time we meet I will probably be a blubbering mess but it’s only because I will be overwhelmed with love. Despite being overwhelmed with love, my sweet boy, the whole child birth thing does make me a little nervous. Daddy and I spent so much time thinking about how and when you were going to get in my tummy that I never gave a lot of thought how you were going to get out. I have given it a lot of thought lately though and I have come to the conclusion that we will be just fine despite my anxiety. Women have been birthing tiny humans since Adam and Eve and this isn’t God’s first rodeo. I am confident he will get us through it. If you want though, feel free to come out pretty quick and uneventful, ok?

Your Daddy and I pray every night before we go to bed for you. We pray over your development, your growth, your health and mine and the delivery. We pray for the doctors and nurses and we pray for each other. We pray for Aunt Kristin, who will be there in the room with us and Aunt Risa who will be here the week after you are born to help. We pray for your physical health and we also pray for your emotional, mental and spiritual health. We pray for the man you are going to grow up to be. We pray God’s amazing provision over our new little family and the future God has waiting for us.

Our sweet BabyB. We are so in love with you. We hope you like the name we picked out just for you and the home we are building for our little family. We hope you are as excited as we are to do life together. I can’t promise it will be easy and I can’t promise that we won’t make mistakes as parents. I can’t promise that we won’t royally screw up at this parenting thing a time or seven or that you won’t grow up and probably need a little therapy (I am kidding about that…kinda!) 🙂

Here’s what we can promise though, kid. We promise to always love you to the ends of the Earth, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond. We promise to raise you in a Christian home where you know about Jesus- who He is and why we love Him so much. We promise to always keep an open-mind about your life and how you choose to live it. We promise to teach you how to be a respectful member of society. We promise to teach you as much about the world as possible. We promise to equip you with the skills and tools you need to be a successful, respectful and honorable man in this world. We promise to listen to you, to hear you and to value you. My sweet son, I am not naive to think we will love all of the choices you may make in life but I want you to know that no matter what, we will always and forever love you. We are so excited to meet you!!!

Love, Mommy

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