Will You Join Me?

It’s 3:45 am and I find myself feeding my baby boy while scrolling the news. I lay here safe and sound, snuggled up and cozy despite the freezing temps outside. The necessities of living go more than met 100 times over. I live in an abundance of food, shelter and clothing. I can honestly say I want for nothing in my life.

All the while, in a place that seems to be a world away, morning is breaking- with it, horrible heartbreak. Devastation is happening that I will never in my lifetime know about. Bloodied bodies fill the streets while screaming, crying, gut-wrenching mourning and terror fill the air. Horrors a human should never have to endure.

I look down at my sweet son and feel so many emotions. I don’t want to be another uninformed American so wrapped up in my life that I fail to see the horrors of humanity… Yet sadly, I am. The Twittersphere is so full of information from all sides- it’s hard to know where to begin to look to understand the truth of what is happening. I seek to understand, yet fall short of knowing if I am getting all the information. I feel at a loss and helpless.

I look at my sweet son now fast asleep in my arms with a full belly. His chest rising and falling with each breath. Selfishly, I pray over him that he will never know the horrors of this world. My mind flashes back to the image of Aylan Kurdi’s little body being picked up off a Turkish beach. A cold shiver runs down my spine and I am reminded that we saw this coming.

I close my eyes and I bow my head. I am at a loss when it comes to the horrors of humanity so I do what I know how to do… I pray. I encourage you, my sweet friends, to do the same. Even if you are like me and don’t quite have all the answers. Even if you are like me and don’t necessarily understand it all.

Pray for Aleppo.

Pray for humanity.

Pray for our country.

Pray for our world.

If there is one thing I can stand boldly in and know for sure it’s that God hears prayers. It sounds cliche, I get it, but I also know to the gut of my soul that it’s not.
Will you join me?

Will you pray with me?

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