Little Miracles and Cancelled Surgeries

I was supposed to be in surgery Wednesday morning. I had an almost 8 centimeter cyst on one of my ovaries that wasn’t going away and was growing steadily. Two weeks ago, my doctor scheduled surgery. I cried. I got mad at my body. Then, I decided underneath all of that emotion was fear. After much coaching from my People, I decided instead of being fearful I was going to pray it out and trust in the Lord. The more I prayed, the more I felt God saying “Hey Dez, how about you put your faith where you say your heart is and trust me.” #woah

Set with this God-given resolve, I got a small team together of Prayer Warriors. To be honest and tell one on myself, I was so ashamed about what was happening that I didn’t tell a lot of people and I didn’t reach out to ask for prayer like I normally do. I learned a lesson from this… don’t ever do that. It’s not our responsibility as followers of Jesus to live in shame and embarrassment. It’s our responsibility to be vulnerable and come together. Lesson learned on my part. Over the next two weeks, the small group of Prayer Warriors prayed, I prayed and we all waited. Two weeks felt like an eternity but everytime I would begin to feel the anxiety of worry I would lay my fears at the foot of the cross.

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Though she wasn’t going to, I asked my doctor to run one last test the day before my surgery. She doesn’t normally do that because she said the likelihood of it resolving wasn’t great, but she agreed to recheck me anyway.

You guys, I was supposed to have surgery Wednesday morning… but I didn’t. As sure as I am typing these words, that cyst that had grown so large had shrunk in half in less than two weeks! My surgery was cancelled. #ThankYouJesus #HesOffTheHizzy

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27

Hubbz and I took this little miracle as a prompting to do something different than the norm. We did something that is unthinkable in our modern-day society. We both took the day of my surgery off anyway. We were taking a moment to recenter our focus from our very busy schedules to what really matters… God, each other and our family.

We woke up and played with our son and didn’t rush to get out of our jammies. It was a leisurely morning with nothing to do and nowhere to be. Hubbz and I went to the gym together – something we haven’t done in so long. He got a lift in and I got in a solid hour of yoga. I sat in the steam room with no place to go and not a thing on my agenda.

It. Was. Glorious.

Hubbz and I met at a gym and spent years working out side-by-side (couples who lift together stay together #liftheavysquatlow) but in a world of to-do lists and deadlines it rarely happens anymore. To be in this space with Hubbz, so many good memories come flooding back. Post-workout we got brunch together at one of our favorite eateries. I met my Mom for tea and three hours later we still sat there cracking up with conversation. Though we see each other everyday, we rarely sit down and talk just the two of us with zero interruptions. It was soul-quenching. At night, my sweet cousin brought us dinner and we spent the night laughing till we cried a little. God turned a day that I had been dreading into a day that I would like to stream on repeat.

I was in a meeting early this week and I was told something that struck me in the gut of my heart. My colleague and I were talking and he reminded me ever so eloquently that “God is good and He is still on the throne.” I don’t know about you but I forget that… all the time. I let the demands of the world overwhelm me and my faith that I like to think is steadfast and unwavering becomes frail and weak. My sweet readers, I am sharing this story, this tiny little miracle God gave me to bring to light that despite what is happening around us and to us, God is good and he is still on the throne.

I urge you sweet readers and friends, in the midst of our busy and hurried lives, take the day. Take a breath and just take the day. Take the day to do things for yourself and your relationships and your family that are so vital and important to a happy life. Take the day and say your gratefuls. Take the day and just breath. Take the day and pour into yourself, your life and your loved ones.

No matter what is happening in our lives, God is good and He is still on the throne.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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