Happiest of Valentine’s Days

Tom Brady Valentine's DayJudge me if you wish but I will gladly admit I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I love it and I am so extra about it and to be completely transparent… I give zero cares. I could blame it on amazing marketing gurus who work for Hallmark, but really, it was my Mom who took this holiday and grew it to the moon in our lives! My Mama did anything and everything to let us know we were loved. She had Sweetest Day on lockdown and she owned Valentine’s Day like the Boss Mama she was (and still is!) Because of my sweet little Mama (@RockinRoro), I love the hype around the holiday and the pomp and circumstance that accompanies it. I love the chocolate covered strawberries that are currently not part of my eating plan and the overly expensive red roses that make my heart swoon. I love turning the tables and surprising the ones I love with thoughtful gifts that make them feel special. I love leaving little notes behind and I love the joy of surprising perfect strangers with little acts of kindness. With Christmas cheer a distant memory and the January that lasted 700 years officially over, a day to be a little (lot) extra in the love category is welcomed with open arms.

It doesn’t matter if you have a significant other or not- it’s not just about coupledom. Valentine’s Day is about LOVE and that to me is THE GREATEST thing. There are so many people to shower with love on this super special day. There are the obvious ones (spouses, children, family, friends, lovers, co-workers) but then there is the opportunity to think outside the box. Send some love in the form of a free beverage to the lady behind you in the drive-thru line at the Bucks of the Star. Send some love to the elderly neighbor that lives by you in the form of a plant or flowers. Send some love to the person you pass on the street with a smile. On this sweetest, loveliest, most delightful day of celebration, I encourage you to share the love. Go out of your way to put a smile on another person’s face. You never know what they are going through- or who it is that their heart might be missing.

Throw love around like confetti… or if you’re like me, maybe throw actual confetti because that’s super-fun too!!!

I hope your day is full of giddy happiness, wild excitement and maybe even a surprise or few.

Happiest of Valentine’s Days!

cheersdez cursiveslope

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